KANONI STUDIOS & APARTMENTS are built in a unique area, 80 meters from the famous beach "The Cannon", awarded with Blue Flag, 800 meters away from the Spas and 2,5 kilometers away from the monastery of Saint Raphael.

An attractive, very beautiful, full of flowers garden will welcome you when you will arrive.

The yard is extremely big and equipped with a lot of tables and chairs, so as to have the ability to enjoy the sun and take your coffee in pleasure.

Big parking area, a specially designed playground, so that our little friends will play there in safe.

    The building are traditional and modern also, having all the necessary equipment to please you and make you feel relaxed. Making you feel as if you are at home.

There are 11 Studios able to host up to 4 people, 3 apartments of 2 room each, able to host up to 5-6 people and 2 single rooms.

 Umbrellas and deck-chairs in the garden, allow you to relax, to get a tan and enjoy summer time, without having sand all over your body.

Our place creates a unique and relaxing atmosphere and we ensure you that you will want to stay there for a long time.



Be sure that KANONI STUDIOS & APARTMENTS will make you the best impression.

The roofs have traditional tiles, wooden windows and doors, the peaceful neighborhood and our great hospitality, create an unforgettable scene..

You will make you feel as if you are at home. Tranquility, relaxation, calmness and hospitality are our main components.

The only hard job you will do, is lying on the beach or swimming!!

The only thing  that will relax you is the thought that we are here for you....KANONI STUDIOS & APARTMENTS are here for you............